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“I think this is the best digital design I've seen. I'm actually quite overwhelmed!”

Tom Priestman, Digital Marketing and eCommerce Manager, Colgate

“I'm so proud that this will be representing Colgate.”

Jack Haber, VP Global Advertising and Digital, Colgate-Palmolive

“It’s great that so many people enjoyed the experience, and that it's been such a success that Mazda have rolled it out across 26 territories.”

Josh Holloway, Producer, Candyspace

“It's staggering to think just how quickly the gaming industry evolves. For me, playing a continued part in that for Nintendo is something amazing.”

David Carroll, Senior Designer, Candyspace

“Candyspace always bring added value with their insight, fresh relevant ideas, and an innovative approach to technology.”

James Honeywell, Head of Marketing and PR, Nintendo UK

“It was great to work on such an extensive project with some great challenges and opportunities for us to build on our technical and engineering skills.”

Vasile Zaremba, Senior Developer, Candyspace

“To work on something at such a large scale was a challenge in many ways, but finally seeing it at Waterloo for the first time made it all worth while.”

Sam Gregory, Senior Developer, Candyspace

“The Shell photo booth in Times Square demonstrated how carefully crafted experiences coupled with digital screens can really excite people.”

Haley O’Haleck, Senior Account Manager, Candyspace

“The launch of Mazda's awesome new supermini was the perfect opportunity for us to produce some equally exciting new creative. The fact that it beat industry benchmarks by 1000% was immensely rewarding for us and a great result for Mazda.”

Lauren Moody, Account Director, Candyspace

“Okay so that Virgin Media advert on the BGT app just then was the best thing of my entire life.”

@WHOVIAN_JOSH, BGT Viewer, Twitter Fan

“The Virgin Media Race game is ITV's best performing ad-sync, ever. We're all very happy!”

Maya Hishon, Creative Solutions Producer, ITV

“It was both a treat and an honour to work with such an iconic part of gaming history. The joy of diving into Mario Kart's heritage can only be countered by a last-lap red shell takedown.”

Patrick Cullinan, Producer, Candyspace

“Candyspace’s attention to detail and ability to work closely with Nintendo resulted in an authentic Mario Kart campaign that was a big hit with fans.”

Ashley Day, Social & Digital Content Manager, Nintendo UK

“Why think small when you have a hot tub time machine? With giant interactive billboards in times square and los angeles we were able to create a massive boost in presence for paramount and the film.”

Matt Gardner, Creative Lead, Candyspace

“Citroën Seekers has provided a highly effective platform for us to engage with Citroën’s existing fan-base, whilst also introducing new people to the brand; we’re delighted with the results.”

Jules Tilstone, Marketing Director, Citroën UK

“I’ve been eating all my foods cooked by someone else so I’ve been eating in front of the PC. I’ve been putting in a lot of hours – at a guess 19 to 20 hours a day.”

Mathew F, Citroën Seekers, Contestant

“These kinds of campaigns are always a lot of fun to work on, even though they do tend to take on a life of their own when they go live.”

Joe Stubbs, Senior Developer, Candyspace

“It's spooky how popular this game became, and just how immensely complicated something so apparently simple to play was to pull off.”

Nick Shadbolt, Business Director, Candyspace

“This was a great chance to flex all of our collective skills, and get our work directly into the public's hands. Tracking the #sixfeats tag and seeing park-goers posing with Hercules was fantastic, and a near-instant payoff.”

Patrick Cullinan, Producer, Candyspace

“Amusement parks are the perfect environment for a mobile-led promotion. People have time to engage while waiting in line, and of course they have their phone with them.”

Greg Crockart, US CEO, Candyspace

“It was an amazing experience working on Lipton. An awesome idea, cutting edge projection technology, and people floating about on wires... What's not to love?”

Tom Le Bon, Lead Motion Artist, Candyspace

“I always love to try our products. This one looked really sweet, and it got me fit.”

Justin Garrett, Office Manager, Candyspace

“Working with Samsung and Victoria to get this live to coincide with the Olympics was exciting...even more exciting when she won!!”

Lauren Moody, Account Director, Candyspace

“We were always surprised by how many people engaged with us on a weekly basis. It was great that we could directly influence sales by changing the content in real time.”

Lauren Moody, Account Director, Candyspace

“Candyspace delivered a focused experience for our consumers, providing the best of added value content for our devices. The Hub has been so successful that Samsung Electronics Europe has enjoyed serious international recognition.”

Keith O'Brien, Head of Content, Samsung Mobile

“The reaction on Facebook was unbelievable. Nintendo’s status updates were getting 600 comments each from eager fans looking for coins.”

Jonathan Kelly, Creative Director, Candyspace

“Mario has been my homeboy since I was 5 years old, and seeing other people's frenzied excitement about Coin Rush was immensely satisfying. I love being able to create things as a fan for fans.”

El Reeve, Head of Production, Candyspace

“This was a great opportunity for us to use our 3D and video expertise to work across both huge, and smaller screens. Seeing people respond so positively to what we did was awesome.”

Tom Le Bon, Lead Motion Artist, Candyspace

“This was a really challenging project and Candyspace delivered across the board with a really engaging campaign, creating great content across multiple screens.”

Marie-Christine Amiot, Chief Communications Officer, Land Rover France

“Fun is a win-win way to engage with people. For Spongebob we put together an interactive experience where people wiped away dirt using sponge bob. This playful approach was great for spreading awareness of the film.”

Albert Yau, Developer, Candyspace

“It was really great to be able to mix old-school handwriting with a digital experience. Working with a graphologist was quite different! It was a fascinating and fun project to work on.”

Bénédicte Piette, Producer, Candyspace

“The social reach of the campaign revealed how many people were drawn to the idea of finding out what their signature had to say about them!”

Julian Esposito, US Creative Director, Candyspace

“CFM is a wonderful client and our team had a great time working with such an innovative company. We put the love of aviation front and centre and achieved all of CFM’s goals through brilliant UX and design. We’re so proud of this piece of work!”

Haley O’Haleck, Account Director, Candyspace

“It was a pleasure working with Riddell on the Smarter Football initiative. Seeing how our execution of UX and design best practices across multiple devices resulted in such a steep increase in applicants was thrilling!”

Matt Autton, Producer, Candyspace

“Scrolling through the hundreds of comments to see how kids interact with the Nintendo characters and complete the activities that have been set for them is a really awesome feeling. Plus the kids are hilarious!”

Katie Phillips, Account Director , Candyspace

“It was great to work with such an iconic fashion brand for the launch of their pop-up stall in Manchester’s Selfridges. The #SelfLee campaign was developed as a fun and interactive way to get shoppers involved. Besides, who doesn’t want their 10 seconds of fame!”

Mike Wright, Senior Producer, Candyspace

“I’ve been a Nintendo fan for as long as I can remember and to be able to work on their very first DOOH project was an amazing and rewarding experience.”

Fred Magnusson, Motion Artist , Candyspace

“The festive period is a crucial time for Guerlain to speak to its customers and this campaign lays bare just how effective truly personalised experiences are in sparking that vital connection. ”

Apolline Corbasson, Account Manager, Candyspace

“Candyspace have been a trusted partner for 6 years. They deliver on their promises and have contributed significantly in the rapid growth and success of the ITV Hub. Our relationship goes from strength to strength.”

Lee Marshall, Head of Product, ITV Online

“Candyspace consistently deliver technical excellence, real business focussed solutions and an experience loved by our users. Their dedicated team provide expertise, knowledge of our product and an understanding of the modern connected viewer. This makes them them a genuinely valued ITV partner.”

Steve Forde, Director of Online Products and Marketing, ITV

“Bringing these stories to life for Colgate was really magical. Finding the right balance of UI, Illustration, Animation and Sound Design was key, and the team really pulled together to deliver a great end product”

David Carroll, Senior Designer, Candyspace

“Candyspace really took the time and listened to get a proper understanding of the work of our charity; know what our aims were; and found a way to convey the messages in a clear and creative way. They were a pleasure to work with, responsive and patient, and we were all delighted with the work they produced for us.”

Zita Lloyd, UK Liaison, African Solutions to African Problems

“It was a joy to work with the Candyspace team - from the easy flow of communications, to their very transparent yet focused working process and best of all, no jargon. Their efficiency and attention to detail was underpinned by a level of digital expertise I had not encountered before, all of which laid the foundation for a truly great project.”

Johanna Basford, OBE, Illustrator and Ink Evangelist

“Working with Candyspace is always a joy. They understand our brand, and they understand us. The success of the brand campaign in digital is a testament to their creativity, hard work, and focus on results.”

John Bache, Digital Marketing Manager, Mazda UK

“It’s been a pleasure working with Candyspace. Our webshop is a success. It’s just the beginning of our relationship.”

Benoit Rivallant, Group Head - CV Global Product Management, Apollo Tyres UK Ltd

“We were looking for something that was unique and big and Candyspace delivered on both. Not only with their expert execution, but with an ideation process that broke us out of our own paradigm and delivered a spectacular interactive game that, not only was entertaining but played a significant role in the success of the overall campaign.”

Stephen Jio, Gaming and Global Campaign Marketing Manager, Dell