With competition in the market for coconut water hotting up globally, and the need for new sales channels becoming a prerequisite, driving a sales uplift and increasing engagement with the brand was business critical for Vita Coco.

As they looked to develop their D2C offering and to learn more about their customers’ behaviours, the brand needed to reconsider their real world retail mindset and explore the potential of direct to consumer sales through an enhanced online platform, taking their website from a brand comms channel to a sales channel - and in the process starting to acquire essential first party data.


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Growth driven design

Business value for Vita Coco was the central focus of our strategic design and technical solutions. Our deep understanding of both the brand and their customers’ behaviours led us to focus on growth driven design delivering personalisation, custom animation, consistency, and ease of use for both customer and Vita Coco's internal teams.

Tailoring and optimising the WordPress CMS, we built a low maintenance platform with variable user settings to suit local VC teams across the globe, while meeting the needs of their global customers.

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Candyspace exceeded expectations, successfully helping us to find the digital version of our Brand Refresh


Driving product discovery

Candyspace drove product discovery and engagement across a re-engineered and redesigned site, ready for global roll out and clearly defining the sweetspot where customer behaviour aligned with business need, creating a platform for real growth.

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