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Rightmove is a digital disruptor. They have their own in-house capability but when it comes to fast track development of a new product they realised bringing in third party expertise could free them from the shackles of legacy thinking and processes. Speed to market with new products, features and revenue opportunities, as is so often the case, was mission critical. They looked to the Candyspace experts to validate and build a new digital product to enhance their existing platform and deliver new value with new and augmented revenue streams.


Validate a proposition and acquire first party data to grow audience and understanding

Value my home and understand how I can increase its future value

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Delivering an MVP, fast

Our product incubator team was able to quickly spin up and test an entirely new concept, delivering a live MVP (a native mobile app) within two months.

Working as Rightmove's R&D lab, challenging thinking, rapidly prototyping and testing product ideas, we worked collaboratively with Rightmove’s product owner, as part of the team, taking part in daily stand-ups.

Ensuring that we were able to rapidly put a product in users’ hands we were able to start testing from the get go, developing clickable prototypes and creating a feedback loop for iterative development by week 3. This enabled Rightmove to test both the validity of the proposition and the functional needs of the app.

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Bringing value

The added value iOS mobile app cross referenced multiple databases to give users detailed and accurate pricing of their property using up to the minute valuation sources. Using dat learnings to drive UX /UI, we ensured ease of use and

The genuinely localised information and accuracy of the data proved invaluable for homeowners keen to understand when to sell, and when to move, giving both detailed current pricing and forecast growth. In turn this provided an invaluable reference point and lead generator for the local estate agents who are Rightmove’s clients. By generating value from data, building engagement and leads Candyspace were able to launch an MVP which met both customer need and business goals.

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