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We've been ITV's strategic technology partner for over ten years, building the original mobile and tablet app, and developing and transforming this world beating product into a genuine engine for growth. 

Our strategic technology driven solutions have always taken into account the key business considerations of putting all the rich and diverse content in one place - answering a clear viewer need - but also the need for the platform to be a key driver of revenue generation and growth.


Deliver a world-class revenue generating VOD platform

Watch ITV shows wherever, whenever, on any device

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Our solutions speak for themselves: live streaming; downloads on iOS (we were an early adopter, working closely with Apple); Fair Play encryption; Chromecast with cross device compatibility (Candyspace was Google's first European partner); notifications; live preview; last-watched; recommendations; HLS playback; age-gated content.


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Candyspace deliver a high level of service, allowing ITVHub apps to grow inline with business and customer expectations.


Generating revenue

To support revenue generation, we integrated VAST compliant video advertising; click-through support on all ads; sponsorship; sophisticated ad inventory tracking and reporting.


In its first year the value of ad inventory increased by over 50%, fuelled by stellar results: 30 million installs, with 17 million registrations including 50% of all UK 16-24 year olds. Viewing was up 44%, and Live TV viewing grew 53%.

We even helped develop Hub+. Making ITV the world's only TV streaming service with an ad-free option.

So whether it’s launching their first mobile product or bringing value to business and viewers by evolving the platform, we are true partners with ITV in a great success story.

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