We’ve been working with ITV as their strategic technology partner for over six years, helping them bring their rich channel offering to viewers on mobile and tablet. Initially our remit was simple but critical – integrate with their existing backend content infrastructure and business models. We were tasked with maintaining brand consistency, and bringing in a whole new audience on the move, with an optimised and bespoke experience on mobile and tablet. That challenge of bringing ever more relevant experiences across an ever extending device set has remained constant as we have strived to deliver technical excellence, and business success. Most recently we have been a key partner in the launch of ITV Hub - all of ITV and much more in one place - an opportunity to introduce a wealth of new features.


Our focus on innovation and relevance has brought to ITV and its viewers on iOS and Android countless new features: Live streaming, Downloads on iOS (we were one of the first to do this working closely with Apple), Fair Play encryption (enabling download of more US content in the iOS App), Chromecast with cross device compatibility (Candyspace were the first company in Europe to partner with Google in this area), notifications, live preview, last watched, recommendations, HLS playback and age-gated content. Among the many revenue focussed solutions we have brought to the app are: Just in time VAST compliant video adverting, click through support on all ads, sponsorship, sophisticated tracking and reporting of ad inventory, and a unique player component allowing for both HLS and progressive ad content. And that’s not to mention the introduction of Hub+ making ITV the only TV streaming service in the world with an ad-free option.


The success of ITV Hub speaks for itself, but we are of course more than happy to shout about it. To date there have been over 25 million application installs. We support a vast range of both iOS and Android Devices and additionally we have introduced full support for Kindle devices adding brand new audiences. We have increased ad inventory by 50% through addition of Live Streaming and brought to market a unique subscription service to develop new revenue models. ITV Hub has had a spectacular first year with a 44% increase in all viewing, a 53% increase in Live TV, 17 million registrations, and a massive 50% of all UK 16-24 year olds registered. It’s amazing how far you can get with a strong partnership.

A history of firsts across devices

Live Preview is an innovative Video on Demand first enabling viewers to see what's going on with sneak peeks of live programmes.

Candyspace deliver on promises and have contributed massively to the success of hub. We go from strength to strength.

Lee Marshall, Head of Product, ITV Online

Some big numbers

ITV Hub has been a massive success across all platforms. The numbers speak for themselves.

The massive increase in live viewing across devices in the first year of ITV Hub.

The huge number of new registrations in just the first year of ITV Hub.

The amazing percentage of all UK 16-24 years olds who have registered to ITV Hub since launch.

Candyspace deliver technical excellence, real business focussed solutions and an experience loved by our users.

Steve Forde, Director of Online Products and Marketing, ITV