For the much anticipated movie release of Spider-Man “Homecoming”, the latest instalment in the Marvel Universe, Dell wanted a dramatic showcase for their long term partnership with Sony Pictures. Candyspace was tasked with bringing the iconic superhero character to life for the daily one million visitors to New York’s Times Square.

Our team closely collaborated with Y&R, MediaCom, Kinetic, ClearChannel, and Dell to bring this out-of-home interactive experience to life.


The ‘real-time’ game gave participants in Times Square the chance to “scramble” up the side of a building in the quickest time possible, as well as enter a sweepstake to win a Dell $100 gift card. The game was developed as a second screen experience, and ensured we created a real-time connection between the user's mobile and the resulting action on the DOOH screen. The game also supported multiple players, allowing for some competitive game play, as well as a queuing system to ensure all users knew when their chance to become Spider-Man was coming up.


The game was run over the course of 4 days, including opening weekend of the movie, and saw constant use with zero down time. Over three thousand people had their Spider-Man scramble up the glazed wall. And the fastest Spider-Man? As the campaign went on the times got quicker, with the fastest time posting an incredible 9 seconds to complete the 150 foot Dell Scramble challenge!

We were looking for something that was unique and big and Candyspace delivered on both

Stephen Jio, Gaming and Global Campaign Marketing Manager, Dell