As the shining leader in their sector, Colgate Professional wanted a global mobile and tablet presence to match. The Colgate Professional brand needed to be brought up-to-date online with a global website designed to meet the needs of busy Dental Professionals (DPs). Candyspace was tasked to understand this audience, to devise the optimal user experience for them, and to design a UI beautiful in style, simplicity and usability, and truly worthy of a market leader. The site would go live in the US and then be localised across Colgate’s global markets, so it needed to perform brilliantly regardless of a DP’s location and quality of connectivity. Our challenge to ourselves: design a website everyone at Colgate Professional would be proud of.


Candyspace conducted an initial strategy phase, which included user research, dentist and patient interviews, building personas and a content audit of the existing website. This resulted in us devising an innovative dual-view for the site, a task-orientated interaction design that made the website take on the shape of a tool for the Dental Professional to which they would return time and again. We reduced page numbers from a cumbersome 650 to less than 100. We skinned the wireframes with a fresh and clean new look-and-feel to give the content stand-out and room to breathe, and used material design to make the experience even more tactile. Candyspace worked in close partnership with Colgate’s agency of record, Red Fuse, and with Colgate themselves.


The site was launched to a delighted Colgate in the US who eagerly rolled it out and localised it for 34 markets. Along with its dual-view, tactile interaction design, utility and understated beauty, the site brought flat, data-heavy scientific studies to life with neat, interactive graph modules. The website, partnerships and production management that drove its creation were hailed as a triumph by Colgate and a model for future projects, and the site has already won awards for Colgate in the US. Feedback from Dental Professionals was unanimously positive and for us, hearing that Colgate was proud to be represented by the site was a source of profound satisfaction.

I think this is the best digital design I've seen. I'm actually quite overwhelmed!

Jack Haber, VP Global Advertising and Digital, Colgate-Palmolive