Colgate is a brand with a huge consumer presence, but a key relationship for them is with the dental professionals who treat patients, diagnose and recommend solutions. Oral health and hygiene are the focus of Colgate’s retail activity so bringing value to those front line practitioners can grow data learnings and open up new revenue streams. They had an existing platform - complex, weighty and not fit for purpose. Transforming that product, bringing value to all parties was the challenge.


Create real brand connection with dental professionals

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Initial pages


Targeted user journeys


Simplified content

Building a platform for growth

Understanding the sweetspot where the needs of dental professionals (and their in-surgery patients) met Colgate’s business goals led us to defining an optimal UX and streamlined efficient UI, and to building a fully responsive platform for growth.

An initial strategic review was followed by a content audit of their existing digital property. From this we were able to streamline much of the content and improve the user journeys across the site. Our design team conducted dentist and patient interviews across the globe, building personas and rapidly iterating upon prototypes.

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I think this is the best digital design I've seen. I'm overwhelmed!


Growing value through data

User research led us to design an innovative dual-view for the site, one to service Dental Professionals and one to speak more plainly to their patients. We conducted task-oriented interaction design, leading to a tactile redesign with a fresh new look and feel.

DP's around the globe unanimously endorsed the product as a well-designed tool of real value to them and their patients. Colgate themselves were able to better understand a key cohort of users and develop real data learnings from patient interactions bringing real value to the business. We literally created the sweetspot that brought business , users and customers together, building real value and growing data to advance Colgate’s business goals.

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