Clothes2Order is a leading custom branded clothing manufacturer that provides personalised clothing to over half a million community groups, sports teams and businesses across the UK. Their aim is to make the process of ordering custom branded clothing fast and seamless. Clothes2Order understood that a strategic focus on conversion rate optimisation on their online store would be the key to delivering on their mission to be the UK's favourite.


Increasing conversion, average order value and customer lifetime value while reducing friction in the customer journey.

Support customers in finding, customising and ordering clothing with a fast and simple buying journey.

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The Challenge

The online buying journey for ordering customisable clothing is complex, meaning that if the right data wasn't collected from customers at the time of purchase, production would slow down, leading to delays and decreased operational efficiencies while the customer service team dealt with incomplete orders.


Clothes2Order wanted to improve their overall conversion rate and average order value, especially on mobile, as users continue to expect better experiences on smaller screens. They engaged Candyspace to launch a programme of experimentation to improve online conversion, increase sales and improve internal efficiencies.


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The Solution

We conducted a series of stakeholder workshops, a programme of user research and a usability study to better understand customer needs and business objectives and how a programme of ongoing optimisation and experimentation could help overcome some of the existing challenges and customer pain points.


In close collaboration with Clothes2Order's marketing team, we ran an initial ideation session that outputted a comprehensive backlog of over 60 experiments. We used the RICE framework to help us assess the reach, impact, confidence and effort required for each experiment to enable us to prioritise running the experiments that would enable us to demonstrate ROI quickly.


Every month, we selected the highest performing experiment and ran a collaborative ideation session, each of which produced a wide range of potential design solutions. These designs were passed to our in-house development team, where we hand built custom components that were rolled out as experiments that fundamentally improved the UX and the overall customer journey.


Over six months, we ideated on six hypotheses, produced over 400 design ideas, and delivered 12 experiments, with six winners and an incredible 50% win rate.

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The Results

Through a series of experiments, Candyspace were able to produce some amazing results for Clothes2Order, culminating in a revenue increase of up to 7%.

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Working with Candyspace has been fantastic. The team's dedication has already delivered some incredible results for us and we can't wait to continue to work together going forward.

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