CFM, a joint venture between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines, is the world’s leading supplier of commercial aircraft engines. Before the delivery of the LEAP engine, (CFM's innovative new fuel efficient engine,) they needed a website that spoke to the level of innovation and technology CFM embodies as a leader within their industry. The current site was outdated and needed to better address a wide audience of visitors from clients to aviation enthusiasts.


Candyspace partnered with sister WPP agency Cohn & Wolfe who have worked with CFM for many years and have deep insights into their business. Working together we first conducted a range of user focus groups and stakeholder interviews to understand how CFM's core audiences perceived them, and what they were looking for when they visited CFM's website. We also took a deep dive into the old site's analytics to better understand the type of content visitors were consuming and dwell, further building a picture of the site's core users.

Using that knowledge we wanted to create a UX that was streamlined, allowing for ease of use across all digital devices as well as an overall slick look and feel that brought the magic of aviation to life for users.

Working with Cohn & Wolfe, we built user profiles that consisted of those who worked directly in the aviation industry, CFM employees and aviation enthusiasts. From these personae, we were able to develop clean UX designs that streamlined the content and to develop copy and imagery that created a very premium site.


The site was launched to coincide with the Farnborough Air Show - an important sales event in CFM's calendar. We developed additional pages promoting the company's presence at this world-renowned event.

By ensuring that responsive UX and Design was at the website's core, we guaranteed that visitors enjoyed a visually appealing experience regardless of their device. Additionally, with a robust CMS backend, we ensured that the client enjoys efficient independence, and is able to quickly create news articles and social posts whilst maintaining the structure and design of the site.

The response from those who have visited the site has been overwhelmingly positive, with time spent on site nearly doubling from the previous site, bounce rates decreasing by 30%, and our user flow ensuring that key target pages received the bulk of time spent on the site.

CFM is a wonderful client and we had a great time working with such an innovative company. We’re so proud of this work!

Haley O’Haleck, Account Director, Candyspace