Punk brewer Brewdog had a business critical need for a single digital platform that spoke to their consumers, investors, staff and trade customers across the UK, US and the rest of Europe. At the centre of the platform an all new e-commerce offering and a community hub. 


A brand focused community and new revenue models

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Revenue growth


Sales growth


Equity Punks

Finding the sweetspot


With multiple audiences all with different needs and a complex multi skewed business requirement to be satisfied, understanding the sweetspot where value was created for all parties was a key challenge. We focused on keeping the sales engine at the heart of the platform, creating dynamic user profiles, a subscription service and click & collect integration.

A community space followed, with a gamified forum ensuring that Equity Punks (shareholders) were rewarded with incentives and badges for their loyalty and contribution to the platform. An internal facing comms channel was also then seamlessly integrated.

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A platform for growth

By aligning customer needs and business goals for BrewDog we were able to define the sweetspot and deliver a revenue driving digital channel, for their customers a seamless way to purchase and engage with their favourite brand, and for internal teams a key communication channel.

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