What is it?


Managing large technical estates can be complex and challenging. Businesses need to be able to innovate faster than ever, so therefore it is vital that your technology ecosystem can support your growth ambitions without being hampered by ageing legacy systems and processes.

During this two-hour session we will assess your technical landscape and we’ll provide you with a state of play, rapid recommendations, plus a roadmap for longer-term evolution.

What are the activities?



1. Understanding of your technical product ambitions:


  • Business goals & KPIs: An examination and prioritisation of the goals and objectives that matter to your business and your customers.
  • Pain points: An exercise to surface and interrogate obstacles on the path to achieving the goals.


2. Understanding of current technology landscape:


  • Platforms / technologies used within the business
  • Hosting & infrastructure ecosystem
  • Development practices and workflow
  • Deployment process
  • Testing approach (manual, unit & automation)
  • Security & compliance
  • Performance / site speed
  • Maintenance, monitoring & support model


Who is it for?

CIOs, CTOs, Technical Leads, Heads of Engineering, Heads of Architecture, Heads of Development and Product Leaders tasked with managing and evolving complex technical estates and looking for improvements in efficiency, speed, cost and capability.


What will you get out of it?


  • A top-level audit of your current technology ecosystem
  • An understanding of your pain points and challenges
  • Receive actionable recommendations for fast, effective solutions
  • Where you are on the digital maturity curve
  • A defined high-level technology roadmap



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