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What is it?


A two-hour workshop – preceded by some Candyspace preparation – aimed at rapidly identifying areas in which the experiences of your customers (B2C, B2B or internal) can be enhanced when interacting with your business.

We take a sharp focus on the biggest perceived gaps between the expectations of your customers and their actual experiences; look at the data, technology and UX enablers that can help close those gaps; and create some initial ideas as to how digital products can deliver those experiences and build value for your business.


What are the activities?


  • How might we…? A fast-paced ideation exercise focused on the perceived gaps in customer experience and the potential solutions.
  • Value versus complexity: Exercise to create a matrix where the value of the potential solutions is plotted against the complexity (from a data, technology and UX perspective) of implementing them.
  • Use-case exploration: Final exercise to focus in on the feasibility of one of the high value / low complexity solutions.

Who is it for?

Any marketing or IT professionals with responsibilities the interactions of customers (B2C, B2B or internal) with digital products.


What will you get out of it?

A list of recommended quick wins – with one detailed use case and suggested actions.




To arrange a free workshop, please contact:
D I G I T A L   P R O D U C T    C O N S U L T A N T

Josh Rudofsky


T: +44 7931 172681


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