In collaboration with Three, Samsung wanted to produce an app to immerse their customers deep in the spirit of the London 2012 Olympics. As Victoria Pendelton’s official sponsor, Samsung wanted to bring consumers closer to her personal journey and Olympic success.


Candyspace created a native Android app for the Galaxy range of handsets based on the concept of a velodrome track. This provided the user with a clear visual journey through the app's bespoke animations and wide variety of content whilst keeping the experience interesting, intuitive and unique.


Candyspace were able to deliver a truly engaging experience for fans. From the build up of excitement in the weeks running up to the Olympics, through to up to the minute highlights and news of Victoria's success, fans were able to really feel part of the action.


Unique navigation

Based around the concept of a Velodrome track, users are prompted to speed around the track to discover each section of unique content.

Up to the minute content

The app aggregated all of Victoria’s social media feeds so that users could receive up to the minute London 2012 Olympic information from a central source.

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A Samsung exclusive

Built exclusively for Samsung and Three customers, one lucky winner was given the chance to participate in a track day with Victoria.


The training programme

A specially developed training programme, devised by Victoria herself, allowed people to get themselves Olympic fit in the weeks running up to the games.

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Exclusive videos

Exclusive video interviews with Victoria as well as a range of wallpapers were made available through the app.

I always love to try our products. This one looked really sweet, and it got me fit

Justin Garrett, Office Manager, Candyspace