Guerlain were launching their new fresh fragrance ‘La Petite Robe Noire’ at Christmas to a target audience of women aged 15 – 35. The main challenges Guerlain observed were driving awareness of the product to capitalise on pre-Christmas sales and raising awareness of their in-store personalisation service where bottles receive hand engraved initials free of charge.


Twitter provided the ideal platform as it enables a one to one personalised dialogue, it's popular with the target audience with over 1 in 4 being active users, while geo-location serves to power drive-to-store traffic. Sponsored tweets showcased four beautiful backgrounds created by the celebrated artists Kuntzel+Deygas, with consequent tweets offering the chance to add initials & create a personalised version of these pictures. Users could then select the picture they wanted through a specific hashtag and tweet it to receive their personalised picture. A link to a micro-site store locator told users where they could get their bottle personalised & engraved, with Candyspace generating an exclusive code for redemption of their bottle.


The campaign was a resounding success in terms of engagement, drive-to-store and earned media with a staggering 3.75% CTR from Twitter to the store locator. 57% of the participants clicked through to visit the micro-site to find their nearest store and 51% of the people shared the sponsored tweet with their followers.

This campaign lays bare just how effective truly personalised experiences are in sparking vital conusmer connections.

Apoline Corbrasson, Account Manager, Candyspace