Making a splash

Sony wanted to cause some waves with the launch of the Xperia Z1 - their amazing, new, waterproof handset.

Where better to do it than in the spectacular 360° shopping theatre that is Les Quatre Temps mall just outside Paris? Who better to bring a multi-screen outdoor execution to life than Candyspace?

As well as featuring the phone's waterproof casing, we also showcased its multi-shot camera, ultra slim profile and other features. The combination of landscape, portrait and sweeping panoramic screens in the mall showcased the phone's good looks and camera. To truly bring to life the enormous opportunity the space represents our in-house design, film effects and 3D modelling teams created a unique piece of video content, combining sound design, sharp typography and incredible motion graphics.

Visitors were engulfed in a spectacular choreography of light and movement. We showed the handset tracking the flights of dozens of 3D butterflies, and being plunged into a 16-metre pool on the screen in the centre of the piazza.

A genuinely immersive digital experience.

  • Ideation & Concepts
  • UX Design
  • Video Production
  • Motion Graphics
  • Music Composition
  • Sound Design
  • 3D Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Interactive Video
  • Display Formats
  • DOOH Formats

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