Sony wanted to cause a big splash with the launch of their great new waterproof handset, the Xperia Z1.

Where better to do it than in the spectacular three hundred and sixty degree shopping theatre that is Les Quatre Temps mall at La Défense just outside Paris. Who better to bring a multi-screen outdoor execution to life than Candyspace?


In-house design, motion effects and 3D modelling from Candyspace brought the impressive features of the new phone explosively to life, exploring the enormous potential of the space and showing the great features of the new handset: multi-shot camera, ultra slim profile and, of course, its waterproof casing.


Visitors to the mall were engulfed in a spectacular choreography of light and movement, with the handset tracking the flight of dozens of 3D generated butterflies around the space, and plunging the handset into a 16-metre pool on the screen at the centre of the piazza.

A truly immersive experience.