Samsung's key objective for this project was to assist their mobile users in getting the very best from their devices and the Android Market.

Which apps would be visually superior across the myriad of screen sizes? Which games would work most effectively with their navigation? What Samsung required was a dedicated channel that would deliver the premium, free and paid-for apps directly to every user throughout their diverse range of devices - and in an innovative and creative way.


Throughout this project, Candyspace worked extremely closely with Samsung across multiple territories, creating the perfect experience to present these 'best of' apps to their users.

So intimate was this relationship that we were even involved with the hardware manufacturing team to enable Hub to be pre-installed into the firmware before shipping.


Candyspace were able to deliver a solution that navigated the maze that is the Android Market, curating the very best for Samsung customers.

Such was the instant success of Hub, that over 300,000 users signed up in its first month of launch and this continued to grow exponentially. Currently it is attracting over 100,000 downloads per week.

Successfully engaging with customers

Over 100,000 downloads per week proved that Samsung Hub was a great way for customers to get to know their new devices and explore the possibilities of the Android app world.


Using customer insight to improve the experience

By tracking consumer behaviour, we expanded content sections that were successful with customers whilst reducing sections and content that didn't perform well

It was great that we could directly influence sales by changing the content in real time.

Lauren Moody, Account Director, Candyspace

Working with retailers

Handset recognition allowed retailers to deliver specific in-store promotions to customers directly on activation of their new devices

Curating the best content

Candyspace navigated the maze that made up the Android market place and hand picked the best things for Samsung customers

Candyspace delivered a focused experience for our consumers

Keith O'Brien, Head of Content, Samsung Mobile