Riddell’s 'Smarter Football' initiative communicates their position as one of the world’s leading manufactures of safe and secure Football headware. The initiative invites players and teams to pledge their own commitment to playing safe on the pitch with a chance to win $100,000 of Riddell gear. Riddell’s clear aim is to increase pledge applications and drive awareness of the program. 


Applying key UX best practices, Candyspace updated the design and layout of the existing site to account for a better suited information hierarchy, aligned with business KPI’s, while considering separate user experiences for mobile and desktop. The overall styling was updated to intrigue users and increase consumer dwell time and engagement with Riddell's informative content. 


By providing applicants with a great user experience on any device, users were able to apply in an easy and hassle free way. Riddell saw a huge surge in applicants with over 700 submissions in the first 2 months of the program alone, surpassing the previous year's results in just 60 days. The Smarter Football program has also picked up by press internationally, with features in British news outlet The Guardian, further spreading the word of the new website and making this a huge success for Riddell and the Smarter Football initiative. 

Seeing ux/design best practices across multiple devices result in such an increase in applicants was brilliant!

Matt Autton, Producer, Candyspace