As Paramount Pictures’ mobile creative agency, Candyspace is tasked with developing highly engaging mobile creative for every theatrical release. With the launch of SpongeBob's first feature film Paramount wanted to reach kids and moms to drive awareness and of course ticket sales. Working closely with Paramount’s media team our goal was to devise a rich media unit that would make a big splash on the small screen.


Using interstitial ad units in placements that best resonated with our key audience, we created a playful, interactive unit that used SpongeBob as...guess what?...a sponge! When the ad appeared the users saw a dirty screen and SpongeBob splatting in the middle of it. Users were then invited to drag the absorbent hero around cleaning the dirt from the screen to reveal our movie title and release date. Users could then watch the trailer or tap through to look up showtimes and buy tickets.


In a space that can often be overlooked by users, this playful creative saw a high engagement rate as people interacted for longer periods of time than typical standard Rich Media units. The unit proved to be popular with over 20 million impressions and a extremely high engagement rate which was 140% higher than the industry standard. The movie also saw a healthy opening weekend at the US box office pulling in around $54m, quickly establishing itself as the Number One film across America.

Fun is a win-win way to engage with people. And our fun approach was great for spreading awareness of the film.

Albert Yau, Developer, Candyspace