Nintendo UK needed a full digital strategy for its biggest global launch in 6 years, their brand new home console: Wii U.

Candyspace devised a highly targeted and phased campaign that ran from a bold and emotive 'positioning phase' (seeking to cement Nintendo’s bond with its core gamer fans) through to a hardworking 'informative phase' that explained the unique new hardware features, the excitement of the gameplay and, most importantly, how those key features make Wii U gaming a new and different experience.


Candyspace called on Nintendo fan gamers to ‘Re-imagine Play’ in a cinematic viral video with original soundtrack.

The piece positions Nintendo’s magic as the origin of gaming itself. As amoebas glide and play there are nostalgic nods to each of Nintendo’s home consoles, evolving towards Wii U. Insights around the heritage of the brand and nostalgia of the key audience enabled us to position the Wii U as the latest part of the evolutionary gaming process.


Recognising the diversity amongst gamers Candyspace produced a campaign carefully targeted to Nintendo’s different audiences.

A YouTube desktop and mobile masthead were created for launch day along with a bespoke Wii U YouTube channel. The channel enabled gamers to view specially created testimonial videos. Over 20m people viewed the YouTube masthead on desktop and mobile, whilst the interactive web takeovers generated click-through rates that were way above bench mark. Nintendo UK achieved 80% sales saturation amongst its targeted fan gamer audience.

The 20 million view takeover

Yes! 20 million people viewed our YouTube Masthead on desktop and mobile, and CTRs from our web takeovers were well above average.

Playing a continued part in the evolution of nintendo gaming is something amazing for me.

David Carroll, Senior Designer, Candyspace

We love gaming

...and we love Nintendo gaming, so launching the Wii U could only be fun for us.

Candyspace always bring added value with their insight, fresh relevant ideas, and an innovative approach to technology.

James Honeywell, Head of Marketing and PR, Nintendo UK