Nintendo has four clear audiences (gamers, kids, girls and parents), and endeavours to speak to them in a targeted way across multiple platforms. Social is a vital channel for Nintendo due to the highly loyal nature of their consumer base. However, Nintendo faced a major hurdle – the key social channels only permit users aged 13+. This meant Nintendo were struggling to communicate with their youngest audience.


Candyspace believed that the best way to reach this younger audience is PopJam - ‘The Instagram for Kids’. Candyspace spotted the immense potential of this new and exciting platform and took it straight to Nintendo. As a result, Candyspace are now responsible for planning, concepting and producing all content on Nintendo’s Popjam channel. Developing diverse and always engaging creative, from interactive activities to character profiles, communicates Nintendo’s full range of products in a fun, kid-centric way. Candyspace's tailored and constantly evolving content strategy ensures that the content created is always contextually relevant to Nintendo's Popjam followers.


Nintendo now has an "always on" social platform to connect and engage with its younger audiences. Their presence on PopJam has been an incredible success, resulting in over 20,000 followers in the first 2 months post launch. Posts have received, on average, 10 times more engagement than Nintendo’s competitors with a recent quiz receiving 30,000+ entries in one week. Candyspace's campaigns are frequently picked up and promoted by PopJam as Nintendo resides at the top of their ‘Hot Ones’ list.

Seeing kids interact with nintendo and complete activities is an awesome feeling. Plus the kids are hilarious!

Katie Phillips, Account Director, Candyspace