Nintendo wanted to engage with and activate their core fans for the launch of Super Mario Brothers 2 on Nintendo 3DS, so Candyspace unleashed a challenging real-world hunt for the prolific gold coin so familiar to Nintendo gamers.

We challenged players of 'The Coin Rush' to race and collect 1000 real and virtual world coins, claim amazing prizes and grab a deluge of coins on the way!


Coin codes were distributed randomly (and with purpose!) via a number of online and offline channels for the fans to hunt down and add to their growing stash.

In executing the campaign as a Facebook app, Candyspace guaranteed maximum exposure: gameplay across web and mobile whilst leveraging social reach across multiple screens.


Avid fans tweeted their excitement, where they had found coins, and which prizes they were each aiming for.

The game generated a fantastic buzz for Nintendo's new release with a 20% increase in likes on the Nintendo UK 3DS Channel, 25% conversion rate on Facebook shares, and 25,000 codes redeemed.

A cross platform engagement

We activated codes across desktop and mobile ensuring Mario fans could carry on their search wherever they were.

The reaction was unbelievable. Nintendo’s updates were getting 600 comments each from eager fans looking for coins.

Jonathan Kelly, Creative Director, Candyspace

A real and virtual coin quest

Coins are at the heart of the Mario gaming experience and so they were in our activation, redefined as codes hidden across the virtual and real worlds.

Mobile at the heart

Activating mobile enabled fans to carry on their hunting wherever they were and on whatever platform.

Social by nature

The campaign activated Nintendo's growing social networks.

Mario has been my homeboy since I was 5 years old. I love being able to create things as a fan for fans.

El Reeve Head of Production Candyspace