2015 is a defining year for Mazda with the launch of three new models, completing their range of Sixth Generation designs. Mazda challenged Candyspace to ‘Defy Convention' with them, tasking us to create a series of innovative digital launch campaigns. The first campaign was for the All-new Mazda2, the sporty supermini embodying Mazda’s legendary ‘Fun To Drive’ DNA. The overarching campaign concept focused on inspiring drivers to ‘Challenge The Night’. Candyspace developed an engaging creative concept and digital executions defining the car with light across digital and mobile platforms.


We launched with a tease phase using simple but standout creative to drive intrigue, before moving into a reveal phase of rich media interactive units that allowed users to explore the car’s features in more detail. The campaign culminated in the fully interactive and highly addictive 'Lightrider’ game. The pan-European game lets users take control of the ANM2, and skillful manoeuvering was rewarded with a chance to win a ‘Challenge The Night’ experience in Barcelona. The game sits on the Mazda web platform and was available to play within interactive online banners.


The campaign has been highly successful, beating many an automotive sector benchmark for interaction and clickthrough rates. The interactive game banners have seen an interaction rate of over 3%, beating the automotive standard of just 0.5%. The game itself has seen 12,000 players taking part and a massive 78% of user replays - proving just how addictive it really is!

The fact our campaign beat industry benchmarks by 1000% was immensely rewarding and a great result for mazda.

Lauren Moody, Account Director, Candyspace