The New Mazda MX5 RF is a dramatic statement from an ambitious brand eager to define itself as a premium challenger with a distinctive voice. Building on the success, and beneficial halo effect of the new MX5, the 2016 Car of the Year, there was no better time to reinvigorate the brand than the launch of their hard-topped sportster with its radical styling – the sister to the all-time top selling two seater soft top.

The new brand campaign: ‘Drive Together’, positioned Mazda as the antidote to the rise of autonomous driving. The campaign celebrates the intimate connection of car and driver which sits at the heart of the Mazda driving experience. The company’s rich Japanese heritage came to the fore with the ‘Jinba Ittai’ strap line underlining the connection through the traditional unity of horse and mounted archer. Candyspace brought the campaign to life across all digital channels foregrounding the unique benefits of Mazda engineering and design.


The evocative vignettes featured in the TVC all focused on the ‘togetherness’ of man and machine; the experience of driving a Mazda which defines the brand’s difference. From the beating of a human heart, and the pumping of a car engine, through to the burst of energy at the moment of fuel injection, and a rush of blood cells, the viewer is taken on a journey evoking the unparalleled physicality of the Mazda ride.

Each vignette defined a key element of Mazda’s heritage and values, so we elaborated each of these stories across multiple digital channels. Using high impact display units, we combined abstract edits of video content with bold messaging to create eye-catching and standout creative. In addition, we produced an interactive ad unit in which users could explore the elements of the Mazda story that orbited around a beating mechanical heart. Alongside these we developed a suite of social assets including video carousels, canvas ads and specially edited vertical video formats.


Our considered creative, intelligent messaging, and tactical synergy with the above the line campaign led to the dramatic performance of our digital campaign elements. Building the campaign around key dynamic video units proved a huge success with the enhanced creative resulting in 48.73% view through rates, and increasing click through rates by a factor of ten against standard BAU units.

The campaign as a whole led to improved dwell time on the Mazda site, up by 19%, and more than doubled the number of brochure downloads for the same period year on year. An impressive 30% increase in organic search volumes during the course of the activation suggests drivers really were intrigued to find out more and ‘Drive Together’.

Candyspace are a joy. The success of the digital brand campaign is testament to their creativity, and focus on results

John Bache, Digital Marketing Manager, Mazda UK