Lipton, one of the best-known brands in the historic world of tea, was excited to be launching a new innovative product: iced tea with bubbles! A TV campaign was planned to support the launch of this refreshing, lightly flavoured carbonated tea, and Lipton were looking to extend this to an impactful out-of-home event. Candyspace’s task was to conceive and execute an out-of-home experience that would play with the core above-the-line creative concept: tiny bubbles lifting iced tea drinkers off their feet.


The high footfall Vanderbilt Hall in New York’s Grand Central Station provided an ideal backdrop for a unique experience. Using bespoke transparent screens we surprised and delighted thousands of morning commuters who saw fellow travellers drinking Lipton’s new iced tea, magically floating into the air on a layer of tiny bubbles. The impressive illusion was created using green screen shot 4K video projected life size onto the screens. Brand ambassadors were on hand with samples of the product, making for a refreshing pause on the way into work.


The arresting two-day activation had never been done before, and saw over 45,000 people passing by the installation. Of those, 20,000 people are estimated to have viewed the content directly, with an average dwell time of 38 seconds. 6,000 coupons were distributed and 7,000 samples enjoyed. Tourists and commuters were clearly surprised and delighted – as well as being uplifted.

An awesome idea, cutting edge projection technology, and people floating about on wires.What's not to love?

Tom Le Bon, Lead Motion Artist, Candyspace