Irish Spring wanted to create awareness for its new premium line ‘Signature for Men’ amongst male millennial consumers. To ensure we connected with this audience, Irish Spring challenged us to create a unique experience that ran across mobile, tablet and desktop.


Working in partnership with Cohn & Wolfe, we created a first-of-its-kind mobile experience that authentically evaluated a person's signature in a web app experience.

With the help of a professional Graphologist, Candyspace was able to create an experience that accurately deciphered a user's signature, responding with a humorous yet uniquely relevant message about their personality. Creating the signature experience in a web app optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop meant it was accessible to a wider audience.


Users loved the chance to have their signature analysed, and with nearly 20,000 users and 2,000 shares on Facebook and Twitter, they evidently liked what they saw. With an average session duration of two minutes and 10% of users returning to the site to give it a second go, engagement levels were high. Combined with some really great PR with pick ups in multiple journals including Men's Fitness, the campaign generated 116 million impressions in a single month. A great all-round success for Irish Spring.

It was great to mix old-school handwriting with a digital experience. A fascinating and fun project to work on.

Bénédicte Piette, Producer, Candyspace