To support Mr. Porter’s partnership with the Kingsman movie franchise they challenged Candyspace to bring the movies’ high-tech aesthetic to their Mayfair pop-up store. The store featured products and clothes from the latest episode of the franchise, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Candyspace had three weeks to brainstorm, develop and implement innovative in-store attractions that highlighted Mr Porter’s large bespoke collection of suits and accessories.


Using custom-designed hardware, we created two transparent display-based attractions. The first showcased the Kingsman X TAG Heuer smartwatch. The second provided customers with an interactive mirror, opening up the store’s wider collection in a digital format.
The interactive mirror: A 55” monitor disguised as a functional mirror was installed in the changing room. When revealed by the user, the interface displays the full range of clothing and accessories, providing great product visibility.
The smartwatch showcase: A screen conceals a glass display with the image of a safe combination lock. Through user interaction, the safe can be unlocked and the smartwatch inside revealed. This promoted user engagement and interest with Mr. Porter’s high-end products and their Tag Heuer partnership.


The campaign has proven to be an ongoing success for Mr. Porter. The short timeframe for delivery didn’t hinder our creativity or the robustness of the technical solution. Since the store opened in September, our display-based attractions have been running as with zero downtime and to the pleasure of many shoppers. Our quick turnaround time allowed Mr. Porter to open the store to Director Matthew Vaughn and the film’s celebrity cast on the night of the movie’s premiere. The interactive, spy-like experience - fueling Mr Porter’s PR triumph.

It was a pleasure to be involved in a project for such a prestigious and cool collaboration of brand and franchise.

Tom Le Bon, Head of Video, Candyspace