When launching the sequel to the rowdy comedy hit Hot Tub Time Machine, Paramount Pictures looked to Candyspace to create a fun and entertaining digital out-of-home experience that captured the spirit of the movie. Given the great opportunity to work with the stars from the movie we wanted to create a bespoke, high impact, audience-involving experience that would entertain movie-goers on both east and west coasts.


Candyspace took the traditional fair ground dunk tank game and brought it into the digital age. We sat the stars of the movie over a bubbling hot tub, and allowed viewers to fire a beach ball from their smartphone onto the digital screen. Hit the target and the star is dunked! No app required, just connect to our mobile site and start firing beach balls onto the screen. Multiple players could engage at the same time, upping the fun for everyone.


The game was launched in the ever busy Times Square area of New York, and then extended to the Westfield Mall in Downtown Los Angeles. In New York we saw 410 games played in just 4 hours, with over 200,000 impressions generated. In Los Angeles the game was featured on two screens in the Westfield Century City Mall over three days. During that time 2,439 games were played and an estimated 435,000 impressions were generated.

Why think small when you have a hot tub time machine? With those giant screens we created a massive boost for the movie.

Matt Gardner, Creative Lead, Candyspace