Paramount Pictures wanted to support the launch of the gargantuan feature Hercules, partnering with Six Flags theme parks in ten locations across the continental USA.

The film sees Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson, as the eponymous hero, challenged with achieving his mythic twelve feats. Our challenge was to create an epic engagement for an audience on their big day out as they navigated the multiple rides of each park, providing them with fun challenges they could share with their friends.


In keeping with the storyline of the film and the mythic adventure of Ancient Greece, we created a mobile challenge of epic proportions for users to win a 60" HDTV.

Using mobile web with social interactions we gave gameplayers a treasure hunt localised to each of the ten park locations. Keys words were assigned to each of the rides, and a challenge set to complete all six 'feats' and share a picture on site with a standee of 'The Rock' himself.


The lines can be long in summer at Six Flags parks so the opportunity for distraction, fun and to win a huge HDTV proved highly popular.

While Hercules the movie was expected to do much of its business outside the continental US, ticket sales were higher than anticipated taking the movie to #2 in the box office on its opening weekend, grossing $30m. Meanwhile, fans in their thousands enjoyed the mobile gameplay and shared their epic feats on social media channels.


An epic challenge met by thousands at sixflags parks across the us

Users accomplished the mythical six feats across the parks and shared them socially

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Tracking the #sixfeats tag and seeing park-goers posing with Hercules was fantastic

Patrick Cullinan, Producer, Candyspace

Conquer six feats for the chance to win a big screen prize

Players sought out six challenges tied to six specific rides at each of the ten theme parks. Discovering the keywords for the chance to win a 60" HDTV proved an irresistible lure for gameplayers who signed up in their thousands.

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Tracking the #sixfeats tag and seeing park-goers posing with hercules was fantastic, and a near-instant payoff.

Greg Crockart, US CEO, Candyspace