Bloomingdale’s “Art of 100%” event translates their curated selection of designer collections into a glossary of wearable and liveable art. The retailer enlisted Candyspace to bring digital expressionism to the event, bridging the gap between artistry and interactivity. The stage was the NY store’s flagship window on 59th St and Lexington Avenue, utilizing the iconic “Big Brown Bag” as the canvas.


We gave users the chance to connect to the digital screen in Bloomingdales window. By connecting mobile to screen, the shopper could fire multi-colored paint balls directly onto the bag, and design their very own work of art. They could then share their bag via Email, Twitter, or even snap a selfie with their beautiful creation, then head inside the store to check out the entire “Art of 100%” event and buy some of those artistic wearables.


The experience saw users playing every day of the two week campaign, even through the damp squib of snowstorm, Stella. With the drive to store component lending sales uplift, it was a perfect blend of the physical and digital worlds, creating engagement & affinity between Bloomingdale’s and their consumers.