Audi wanted to make a noise to announce the launch of the Audi 3 Sportback in the French market, and where better to do it than in the massive consumer arena of Les Quatre Temps shopping mall at la Défense.

The new car is precision engineered, swift and with the stability familiar to Quattro drivers – designed to appeal to exactly the market that frequents the mall. Who better to bring it to life than Candyspace with a totally engaging multi-screen activity?


Candyspace created content to overlay the existing TV assets. Creating CGI elements, animations, and formatting the bespoke material, Candyspace made the absolute most of the 360-degree viewing experience.

Music played a big part and with the specially composed soundtrack driving the spectacle, the piece was dramatic, arresting and, above all, engaging.


Noisy and colourful, unexpected and with not a little humour, the show had the shoppers of Paris stopping in their tracks to soak up the atmosphere, and of course to take in the virtues the new Audi A3 Sportback.