The world of optimization is changing. While more senior executives are starting to embrace experimentation and understand its direct value in driving business growth, the news two major A/B testing platforms - Google Optimize and Oracle Maxymiser - are sunsetting, has come as a real blow to both brands at the start of the experimentation journey and those with established CRO programmes.

These are significant changes. And a lot of brands and marketers aren't ready.

In this report – with insights from key CRO and experimentation leaders at Currys, NatWest, Hawes & Curtis, and Clothes2Order, plus a feature on Mazda's optimization programme – we look at how brands can supercharge their CRO programmes to drive growth through strategies to: increase revenue, drive leads and improve engagement.


Download the report to:

  • Explore new ways CRO can help you drive revenue, improve customer loyalty and increase repeat purchase.
  • Discover the cost-saving benefits CRO can deliver from lowering customer acquisition costs to reducing operational overheads.
  • Uncover CRO strategies to shorten sales cycles and improve conversion at key stages of your online customer journey to supercharge your lead generation efforts.
  • Mitigate risk through adopting an 'experiment-first 'mindset and re-focus your internal teams on developing new product features that are proven to increase conversion.
  • Learn how marketers can get ahead of the changes to Google Optimize and Oracle Maxymiser.



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