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Candyspace are experts in leveraging the Optimizely digital experience platform (DXP) to design, build and optimise apps, websites and digital products. Here's how we partner with Optimizely to deliver high-performing experiences for ambitious organisations investing in growth and digital transformation.


For the second year running, we're proud to have received the Most Customer Centric Culture award at the 2023 Optimizely Customer Awards



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We hold an Optimizely accredited specialisation in CMS and are proud to be one of a handful of global partners who hold full certification in Experimentation.

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Why Optimizely?

Optimizely is the market leading digital experience platform (DXP), consistently commended by leading analysts Gartner, Forrester and IDC as Leaders in their digital experience, commerce, experimentation and content marketing platform evaluations.


The Optimizely DXP empowers businesses to personalise every single touchpoint across the entire customer lifecycle, through leveraging real-time data and AI to rapidly adapt digital experience in line with evolving market changes.


This powerful platform seamlessly combines content, commerce and optimisation, giving marketers the right tools they need to better understand their customers' needs and deliver the best possible experience to drive online revenue, increase customer loyalty and improve marketing effectiveness.


Following the news Oracle Maxymiser will sunset in May 2024, Candyspace are partnering with Optimizely to offer Oracle Maxymiser users a free Optimisation Workshop to discuss your options.


How we deliver value

Where the Optimizely DXP blends science and creativity to create digital experiences that adapt to market changes, at Candyspace, we add the human layer to digital experience design. From product definition through to build and continuous optimisation, we ensure your customer and business needs sit at the heart of every decision. Here's how:

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Translate insights into actions that matter

Our optimisation packages tailored for Optimizely users enable you to drive the actions that matter most to your business - be that increasing sales, improving engagement or generating leads. We’ll help you make data-informed decisions using experimentation to let customer sentiment shape innovations.

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Drive customer loyalty and satisfaction

Deliver personalised experience across your entire customer lifecycle by creating robust and seamless experiences fuelled by behavioural insights and first-party data. We’ll help you create lifelong customers while reducing the cost of acquiring new customers and increasing revenue through your digital channels.

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Continuously evolve your digital products

We combine our deep UX expertise with Optimizely’s advanced A/B and multivariate testing, search & navigation and experimentation capabilities. We’ll help you to learn more about the motivations of your customers and deliver adaptive, intelligent and human digital experiences that anticipate your customers’ needs.

Working with us

Meet some of our Optimizely experts who will drive the success of your Optimizely products:

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director of technology

Adam Davey

Adam provides strategic guidance and technical leadership across the business to create high-performing Optimizely products for our clients.


Experience Director

Jonathan Kelly

Jon is a highly experienced creative expert with over 15 years spent working across product, marketing and advertising for global enterprises. Outside of work he enjoys walking the dog, going to galleries and watching Spurs lose.


Senior Product Consultant

Rosie Stano

Rosie has built an unrivalled relationship with Optimizely to ensure our clients receive the best support and right solution to deliver on their business objectives.

Driving results with Optimizely


Mazda UK

Leveraging the Optimizely platform, we worked with Mazda UK to evolve, optimise and drive conversion to their online experience. Our work has resulted in a 55% increase in finance conversions and 46% increase in ‘book a test drive’ form completions.


In 2022, we launched over 80 new dealer websites across the UK, powered by the Optimizely DXP.


Our work with Mazda recently won the award for 'Most Customer-Centric Experience' at the 2022 EMEA Opticon Awards and won Bronze at the 2021 DMA Awards.

Our clients

Here's a snapshot of some of the clients we have built long-term partnerships with to transform and optimise their digital products.


How we can help

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Transform your digital experience

If you’re looking to re-platform, we can assess whether Optimizely is the right fit to meet your customer needs and achieve your business objectives.

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Get more from Optimizely

For existing Optimizely users, we can provide a health-check of your existing solution to determine a series of rapid recommendations and a roadmap for future improvements.

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Rosie Stano


E: rosie.stano@candyspace.com

T: +44 (0)7946 374 603