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Candyspace builds products that are loved by your customers and your business. Our UX designers work closely with our Technology experts and Data team to create frictionless, satisfying experiences that are important for your customers. We help you understand what makes those customers behave the way they do, and ensure they come back to you, helping to boost customer satisfaction by providing data driven insights so you can create ever more satisfying interactions with your brand. We actively define the sweetspot where your customers’ need meets your business demand.


Onsite or in-app their behaviours can bring you invaluable learnings. As your trusted Mixpanel partner we provide pain free implementation of this critical behavioural measurement tool. Beyond implementation we provide you with a clear framework for success, helping you to define your strategy, your KPI’s and developing a detailed tagging matrix to empower your growing understanding - through data - of your customers’ onsite behaviours. We support your business to ensure the long term value of your offering. We optimise conversions, increase LTV and ensure you stay ahead of your competitors. Our proven success with Mixpanel can be the engine that drives the success and growth of your business.


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Optimising online conversion for Mazda UK


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I’ve used Mixpanel at many companies before—it’s the go-to solution when you need user and product analytics


Insights before assumptions


A Business driven approach

Our entire approach centres on the people that your products will impact, either the end user that wants an intuitive experience or the stakeholders that want to see business value. We conduct stakeholder workshops and work with you to uncover the insights that form the foundations of our thinking. Our data team always start their detailed approach to your Mixpanel implementation with your business and your customers.


Strategic solutions

Our data specialists ensure all your Mixpanel implementation is underpinned by meaningful and tangible insights into your business. Our thinking and approach are focussed on better understanding your business goals so that we can use those learnings afforded by Mixpanel to deliver those goals. That means we help you understand your customers better, and they benefit from the improved onsite or in-app experiences you can build, and your business sees real ROI.

Since the launch of ITV Hub, there have been 32 million app installs covering 50% of all UK 16-30 year olds.

Grow your business and your customers


Data-driven decisions

Everyone is accumulating data but it's how you use it that’s important and that's what will make the difference. We analyse user behaviour translated through data analytics and create KPI frameworks to benchmark performance and measure success against. Your Mixpanel learnings should always be growing with your business and with your customers. Our data-driven test and learn approach makes sure you are always moving in the right direction.


Support that leverages learnings

We ensure that your Mixpanel investment leverages the power of the tool to ensure that you More learnings. More engagement. More conversions. We aim to help you with a process of continual learning.

We increased dwell time on the Vita Coco website by 100% over three months post launch.

Innovative thinking with a growth mindset


Customer understandings

Our experience in designing rapid go-to-market propositions that challenge us - and you - to think out of the box, combined with our focus on real customer understandings and a growth mindset to empower you and your business.


Getting the most out of your investment

Delivering great customer experiences is far more than just buying the products – it’s about the experiences you are creating with those products, and how well they actually work for your business; supporting the experiences while ensuring that the desired business outcomes are being achieved. With our focus on your customers and delivering experiences of real value to them, we make sure your business gets maximum value from its Mixpanel investment.

We improved conversions to Test Drive on the Mazda website by 55%.
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See the complete customer journey

Track the entire user journey, no matter how many steps, to compare paths by platform or cohorts so you can make more precise product decisions.


Find anomalies in your metrics

With advanced science models that predict user actions, you can track spikes and dips in your metrics and find out what and who is driving the sudden movement.


Influence behaviours across platforms

Stop waiting on batch exports or spending time rebuilding cohorts in a separate tool. Message the same cohorts you analyse across any of the devices they use.

The one-stop solution

Mixpanel is the only data analytics product that lets you track data and take action from your metrics—all in one place.