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Candyspace is a Silver Contentful partner, delivering best-in-class digital products that are loved by both your customers and your business. We partner with Contentful to enable you to quickly create and manage content within a single, headless repository, enabling you to rapidly distribute your digital content across multiple channels.


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Contentful is an agile, cloud-native platform that unifies all digital content within a single hub, structuring it so it can be delivered to any digital channel. Their customer base extends from leading media and decade-long Candyspace client, ITV, to Spotify, Eurostar and Peloton.

Contentful is a headless CMS which means that it is decoupled from the front-end presentation layer (such as your website or app) and other back-end systems (such as your ERP or CRM). Due to its headless configuration, many companies choose to use Contentful as a microservice and as part of a larger composable technology architecture. This approach gives you the freedom to quickly build out your digital technology ecosystem through connecting multiple systems via APIs.

There are many benefits of building a composable architecture. These include:


  • Flexibility - Companies can swap in and out various microservices as and when they see fit. This enables you to build an ecosystem of best-in-class platforms and work around any legacy or bespoke technology you may have in place.
  • Speed to market - Creating and managing content within a single hub that automatically optimises it for distribution across multiple channels, saves content editors time and negates the need for costly development resource.
  • Scalability - Composable infrastructure is readily scaled meaning its use can be grown at a rate that’s right for your business and ensures you only pay for the functionality you need.


Like our digital commerce partner, BigCommerce, Contentful is a key member of the MACH alliance - a community of Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native SaaS and Headless providers. We have built a free connector for Contentful and BigCommerce users to deliver agile, omnichannel buying experiences at scale.


At Candyspace, we combine our human-centric approach with our ability to unlock the potential of Contentful, to rapidly deliver optimised content to your audience on their channel of choice.


Enabling customers to watch shows wherever, whenever


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Contentful has a well-articulated vision for helping companies become digital-first, plus the capability to help them get there.


Insights before assumptions


Human-centred thinking

Our entire approach centres on the people that your products will impact, either the end user that wants an intuitive experience or the stakeholders that want to see business value. We conduct stakeholder workshops and perform qualitative/quantitative research to uncover insights that form the foundations of our thinking. Our skilled UX designers always start their detailed approach to your digital solution by consulting those you want to love it.

We optimised CFM's global site with digital content and data, resulting in over $11bn revenue in just a 12-month period.

Grow your business and your customers


Support that leverages learnings

We ensure that your investment in Contentful leverages the end-to-end power of the content engine, through providing support that helps you develop your business with real insights and customer learnings. More learnings. More engagement. More conversions. We aim to help you with a process of continual optimisation.

We executed 300 simplified and streamlined pages for a Colgate global platform.

Innovative thinking with a growth mindset


Customer understandings

Our experience in designing rapid go-to-market propositions that challenge us - and you - to think outside of the box, combined with our focus on real customer understandings and a growth mindset to empower you and your business.


Getting the most out of your investment

Delivering great customer experiences is far more than just buying the products – it’s about the experiences you are creating with those products, and how well they actually work for your business; supporting the experiences while ensuring that the desired business outcomes are being achieved. With our focus on your customers and delivering experiences of real value to them, we make sure your business gets maximum value from your investment in Contentful.

We improved conversions to Test Drive on the Mazda website by 55%.
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Speed to market 

Contentful’s specialised content platform allows content to flow through your entire digital ecosystem. This simplifies and accelerates building, meaning you can create your content once and publish to many channels simultaneously, saving you time and money.

Rich functionality

Contentful is an API-first platform. This enables easy integration with other platforms and systems, allowing you the freedom to create a digital ecosystem that uses best-in-breed technology and works around any bespoke or legacy technology you may have in place.

Unified experience

Leading analyst, Forrester, recognise Contentful as “one of the most commonly referenced headless-first CMS platforms”. Over 22,000 sites worldwide are powered by the platform and 20 billion API calls are made from or to the platform each month.