Increase the number of customers taking the actions that matter through analyzing, testing and learning. Actions that matter are those solving real customer needs and are directly linked to your business growth.


*Source - VentureBeat, CRO tools: Winners and losers in the quest for conversion


  • You’re losing customers at different parts of the sales funnel
  • You’re not communicating your key USPs as well as you could be
  • You have some ideas you would like to test but unsure where to start


  • You want to understand your customers better through data
  • You’re struggling to stand out against your competition
  • You want to streamline journeys between online and offline channels 


  • You’re looking at different approaches to achieving growth
  • You want to maximise ROI from your investment into analytics tools


Increase in Test Drive form completion


Increase in e-commerce sales within 3 months


Increase in streaming one month after ITV X launch

design-icDesign look and feel

Ensuring the customer experience website is visually compelling to drive the metrics that matter.


Identify, understand and test personalized experiences to drive LTV.

loyalty-icLoyalty programs

Experiment to understand what method of loyalty works best for continually changing consumer needs.

navigation-icNavigational experiences

Improving the route for users to navigate to key conversion points.

form-icForm optimization

Decrease friction whilst driving business value.

promo-icPromo optimization

What structure, level & type of incentive drives sales without impacting profit.  

funnel-icFunnel optimization

Increase the number of users getting through high friction funnels.

text-icCopy optimization

Ensure you are effectively communicating with your customers.

revenue-icRevenue optimization

Margin is often overlooked in experimentation. We drive revenue with a focus on profitability.

Whether you are at the beginning of your optimization journey or you already have a mature culture
in experimentation, we have the right tools to suit your business needs and budgets.


Candyspace are a joy. The success of the digital brand campaign is testament to their creativity, and focus on results.


(2 experiments per month)

  • Analytics Audit
  • Platform implementation

  • Platform integration & training

  • Ideation workshop

  • Prioritised backlog

  • Experimentation roadmap

  • 2 experiments per month

  • In-depth post experiment analysis 

  • Quarterly meetings



Minimum term 3 months


(3 experiments per month)

All of Starter plus:

  • 3 experiments per month
  • Monthly backlog refinement

  • Monthly research roadmap

  • UX & designs recommendations

  • Weekly monitoring of experiments

  • Weekly experiment insight report



Minimum term 6 months


(5 experiments per month)

All of Advanced plus:

  • 5 experiments per month
  • Monthly ideation workshops

  • Monthly data research & findings

  • Multiple design options

  • Daily monitoring of experiments



Minimum term 12 months

Download the report for specific CRO tactics for content, commerce and lead generation, and to discover how brands such as NatWest, Currys, Mazda, Hawes and Curtis and Clothes2Order are harnessing experimentation within their businesses.


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